Retrieve entries from multiple companies

 Hi , I am new to Jet reports.  

I need to cycle through several companies retrieving entries.  I can create the list with NL("Rows",NP("Companies")) , I can get the report on each sheet, but I need the report to be on one list on one sheet

 F10 Sale tax

F12  Transaction No. 

D3  08/01/16..09/30/16

C13  =NL("Rows",$F$10,$F$12,"Posting date",$D$3)

D13 =NL("Rows","G/L Entry",,"Transaction No.",$C13)

While sheets allowed me to rotate my companies to the sheet and referencing.  I beleive that I need to create array of companies and report on that list, if that makes any sense.  Lost, Wish  I could find a book on Jet report.  

Need help, Nav 2015, Jet Report 2016


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