JET EXPRESS ERROR - related to Advanced Dimensions?


I am using JET EXPRESS and everything has been okay until a recent server migration which resulted in the error message in the screenshot below - this appears when I tried to refresh the data for a table that I designed before the migration. 

I am not too sure what's the issue and have been unable to resolve it so far.

Another issue that I discovered is that some of our customised field names within Navision are not showing up when i am trying to select the fields to design the table. 

My vendor says these errors have nothing to do with the server migration and as of now, there is no one proficient enough within my company who can help to troubleshoot this issue either... I feel kind of helpless at this point... Hoping for some help to reach out to this community for some pointers on where I can begin to resolve the issue...

Thanks much in advance! 


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