Won't allow me to filter NL by certain fields?

I am trying to use an NL to get rows from a table in my microsoft dynamics NAV db, but on certain fields it wont allow me to filter by it? I have checked in sql and all works normally there and also inside the NAV system, so i'm thinking something with JET is conflicting. I am trying to filter a date created field by a cell that just says =TODAY() -1 - when ran, nothing happens, but if i put * in that same cell it works fine. I have tried filtering the same way with other day fields and all works fine so its not the formula thats causing it.The

The first image above you can see an * in cell K2, this works and it shows the first row (in design mode)

But if i change that to say 06/02/2023 00:00:00, I get #VALUE! (see below)

This also does the same if i try and filter by the last column which is just a text field, but I can filter by the Pallet ID no. which is the same format as source ID. 

Any help would be appreciated as its doing my head in. 


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