File save variables cause error. “%month%-%day%-%year%.xlsx”

We’re painfully moving scheduled reports onto a new server, with a newer OS, and a newer version of Excel, JetReports;

The issue I have right now is the report fails to run, when re-creating a report  that has a filename using the variables like “%month%-%day%-%year%.xlsx” – either on a share or when I enable smtp.

Running the report from the scheduler I see the report fails right away, when the Output file contains the date variables, like  \\myserver\jetreports\output\reportname%month%-%day%-%year%.xlsx

If I change that output file to save locally, say to desktop, like C:\users\my\desktop\reportname%month%-%day%-%year%.xlsx then it works without error, but wait… there’s more.

If I get rid of the %variables and just save my file on a share, like \\myserver\jetreports\output\reportname.xlsx it works, but now I'm emailing the same file / overwriting daily 

Then, more testing shows that I then turn on SMTP email, for the report that was working locally, the report fails.

The reports are working on the old box, but fail when scheduled on the new one.
Just want to know, why %MONTH% etc kills the report from running at all in these scenarios.

Old box:
Server 2008 R2
Excel 2010 Standard 
Jet Reports 16.1.17033

New box:
Server 2012
Excel 2013 Standard
Jet Reports 20.7


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