Filter from 2 different fields using OR?

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1st time using the forum, managed to get by up to now but...

I'm trying to query unique vendor no. entries from a table, but look at 2 fields within that table. For info, we have recently migrated to NAV. We have a ledger entry table that stores all project related transactions and the migrated transactions have the [vendor no.] in the [Description 2] field, whereas new transactions have the [Vendor No.] in the Vendor no. field obviously.

I'm using the function below, but I also need to add a further filter to look at the Description 2 field. i.e. if Vendor No. = *-SC OR if Description 2 = *-SC

=NL("Rows","Project Ledger Entry","Vendor No.","Company=",$B$7,"Project No.",$D8,"Vendor No.","*-SC")

I can't seem to incorporate the OR function into my formula. Can anyone help?





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