NP("Formula"), JetTable, UNIQUE() and FILTER()


In Sheet1, I have an NL("Table") with "TableName=","Deliverables."

In Sheet2, I need to produce a lookup of a subset of one of the fields in the Deliverables table. The native formula I need to use is =UNIQUE(FILTER(Deliverables[Funding Stream Period],Deliverables[Funding Stream Period]<>"")).

NB: UNIQUE() and FILTER() are Excel functions available in Excel 365.


My problem is writing this into Jet. As I understand it, the correct syntax would be =NP("Formula","UNIQUE(FILTER(Deliverables[Funding Stream Period],Deliverables[Funding Stream Period]<>""""))" however this is won't correctly run.

The result of this is a single cell with the contents Formula(UNIQUE(FILTER(Deliverables[Funding Stream Period],Deliverables[Funding Stream Period]<>""))).


Can the intended result (the unique values of the Funding Stream Period of the Deliverables table be listed) be achieved without resorting to using VBA as a workaround?

Many thanks


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