Sorting by a SUM...

I have read posts and watched a video on youtube but just when I think it makes sense I can't apply it AT ALL. 

Here is what I'm looking to do. In column G have a list of unique customer numbers from Sales Invoice Lines so I use this: =NL("Rows","Sales Invoice Line","Sell-to Customer No.","Sell-to Customer No.","<>''","Salesperson Code",$C$2)

Now in Column H I want to sum up all the Sales Invoice lines so I use this: =NL("Sum","Sales Invoice Line","Amount","Sell-to Customer No.",$G14)

But I want my results to be sorted in decending order by the sum (column H)

I have tried so may different variations of imbedded NL functions and quoted functions but my brain hurts.....any help would be appreciated.


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