Enterprise-wide applications for Jet as a data warehousing and staging tool

Hi Guys,

I'll start by saying that I personally do not use Jet. I'm a BI developer using primarily Power BI, and recently started working with our department that uses NAV. After investigation we've realized that the warehousing and staging capabilities for Jet look really useful!

Now the question I have is whether Jet is applicable for this purpose on platforms other than dinamics, as we've got multiple systems running in different departments. Could one use this pulling data from Sql tables, excel files etc to create a centralized platform where the data can be pulled in stead of having to use Jet for our Nav reports, Sql and Excell files?

In addition to this how is Jet's ability to handle large amounts of data? For example one of our systems generates around 14million records every month. Does Jet have trouble handling data sets this big? Is it efficient or would one have to dedicate a massive server for this?


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