Problem with NP("Intersect")

I have a filter that returns a list of numbers:

=NL("Filter","Estimation Entry","=VALUE(NF(,""Bill Item""))","Job No.","1234")

(The VALUE part is because they are stored as text values with leading zeros, don't ask).

Due to the problem with the data being stored as text, I then want to do an intersect on it with a list of numbers to provide some filtering:


If I do a union of the 2 I get the expected results - a combination of the 2 (out of order but that's another issue)


But if I do an intersect I get no values returned. I know there are values that appear in both sets.


(Actually my problem is slightly more complex as I've got an extra union in there with another table, however - in my attempts to break down the problem I've found this simpler scenario that doesn't work).

Anyone got any ideas as to why it isn't working?




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