User Options returns "Empty Filter not allowed."

Sorry for a dumb question, but I am really new to Jet Reports....

I am trying to setup a query where the user can input a # of days out from today for the flow-field "Forecast Date" in "Production Forecast Entry". Right now if I leave it at no filter, it blows out the years worth of forecast we have in the system. If I try to add a filter to tell it to look only say 90 days out, it returns the "Empty Filter not allowed." error. I currently have this in the table and filter fields:

Forecast Date (in cell C9)

<TODAY()+'Options'!$C$2 (in cell C10, pulls the 90 days or whatever number the user inputs from Options cell C2)

Our forecast is in weekly buckets. I tried changing this around and putting start and end dates, adding '@@'&, etc. and can't figure out why it is returning the empty filter errors....

Thanks in advance!




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