NL Rows and NP Union with an Account Category Filter

I have 8 NL("Filter") functions and I want to combine them using a nested NP("Union") function and add one filter. Here's an example of one of the 8 NL functions:

=NL("Filter","Accounts","Segment1","Company=","Crimson Gulf, LLC","Segment1",$D$3,"Segment2",$D$4)

I have 8 of these, one for each Company. Then I union all 8 and return a list of rows for Segment1 with the following:


Everything works fine up until this point. I want to add in a filter for Account Category to the NL("Rows",NP("Union") function of Segment 1 rows.

How do I include a filter for the Account Category within the NL("Rows",NP("Union")) function?


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