Sorting Pivot Table based on Jer Report



I am trying to sort a pivot table on multiple fields. I used the Inventory Availability report created by Jet, and altered it slightly to include a couple of additional fields. 

When I use the sort function nothing changes in the pivot table. I am using the following function:


=NL("Table","27 Item",$D$11:$X$11,"Headers=",$D$10:$X$10,"TableName=","Item","Filters=",$B$7:$C$7,"InclusiveLink=27 Item",$D$9,"InclusiveLink=27 Item",$F$9,"IncludeDuplicates=","True")


I tried adding in the "+" or "-" on the fields but it would not sort the report table or the corresponding pivot table.


My goal is to have three levels of sorting - 1st by Vendor No. 2nd by Available to ship - which is a calculated field, and 3rd by Qty. on Purch. Order.





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