NL function with filter from another table

I am trying to build a NL function with filter from another table.

Primary table: Bank Account Ledger Entry
Secondary table: Bank Account Statement

1) Open - False
2) Posting Date - ..28/2/2019 <from NP cell
3) Bank Account No. - <from Option page
4) Statement Date. - 28/2/2019.. <from NP function

"Statement date" is not include in "Bank Account Ledger Entry", I can only get the date by using the "statement no." on both Bank Account Ledger Entry and Bank Account Statement Table.

Below is the formula I set:
=NL("Rows","Bank Account Ledger Entry",,"Open","False","Posting Date",$C$7,"Bank Account No.",Options!$C$2,"Statement No.",NL("Filter","Bank Account Statement","Statement No.","Statement Date",NP("DateFilter",$H$8)))

With this formula, the report still give me all the data without the filter on "statement date". May I know what I did wrong?


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