SUM wih calculation in each number....

Hello, this is a tough question.  I want to get the sum of quantities of a family (grouped in a dimension) sold in a period, that is easy (sorry if name of tables are wrong, I use spanish version so I just put a translation as reference):

=NL("Sum";"Invoice sales";"Quantity (base)";"Global Dimension 1";"ABC001";"Date";"010119..311219")

On the other hand, suppose that product is a rope and I want to know how many meter I sold, each Nº has a different length, and I have all length in a predet. Dimension table, so if I want the length of a single Nº it is something like this:

=NL(;"Dimension predet.";"Cod. value dimension";"Cod. dimension";"LENGTH";"Nº";"REF")

So now I need to make the SUM of all lines in the invoice line table BUT IN METERS.  That means it has to multiply the Quantity on the first formula by the result on the second one for that Nº.

I hope you can understand what I'm trying to do....  please help!!


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