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Hi all, I am somewhat new to the Table builder functionality and I know there is a way to do this through NL(Rows) but for whatever reason, we are finding the speed of using NL Table makes the Jet Reports run very quick.

So our development efforts have been to use NL Table for all our report building.  That said, I am trying to link the 25 - GL Entry Table to the 23 Vendor Table but I saw on a prior post you can not link through multiple tables when using the NL Table function. 

I was able to easily link the GL Entry Table to the Vendor Ledger Entry Table through the Entry No. (common field) and pull the Vendor No. but I can't pull the Vendor Name through the Vendor Ledger Entry table (which doesn't include the Vendor Name) at the same time.  Any ideas on how to approach this or is there a better solution I am not thinking of.

Thanks in advance for any responses.



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