NL Filter with multiple filter values (NL Rows different than NL Filter?)



I'm using the following NL filter formula to filter the GL accounts linked to various consolidation codes. Column A contains the consolidation codes. I use the following formula:

=NL("Filter";"G/L Account";"No.";"Consol. Debit Acc.";A1)

This works perfect for cell A1, which has code 80000. 

However, cell A2 contains the codes 80001..800010  The formula doesn't work now, it retrieves the 1st value linked to the 1st code, in this case it is the 1st GL account linked to 80001. 

I tried replacing Filter for Rows by =NL("Rows";"G/L Account";"No.";"Consol. Debit Acc.";"83000..86011")

and this works well. Any idea what's the difference between Rows and Filter? Thx


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