Batch Scheduling

Trying to setup a Batch Scheduling report and below is the Error log. I followed the instructions given in the videos to the dot. but can't figure out why its unable to read the emails from the report and keeps saying "A recipient must be specified". I have attached a few screenshots to help you understand. Please help me understand where I am going wrong. 

2020-04-29 Thread1 Error logging initiated.
2020-04-29 Thread1 Jet Build: 20.5.20042.1
2020-04-29 Thread1 Bitness: 64-bit
2020-04-29 Thread1 OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
2020-04-29 Thread1 OS Culture: English (United States)
2020-04-29 Thread1 OS UI Culture: English (United States)
2020-04-29 Thread1 AutoPilotProgram.InitAutoPilotLog: AutoPilot command line: /M "Update" /I "C:\Users\skuntam\Documents\Jet Reports\WOC\Test Folder\Email statement test batch scheduler file.xlsx" /O "C:\Users\skuntam\Documents\Jet Reports\WOC\Test Folder\Output\Email statement test batch scheduler file.xlsx" /L "C:\Users\skuntam\Documents\JetLogs\Test Email Statement Log.txt" /E "BatchRange" /S /B "BatchRange" /U "BatchRange" /ID "Test Email Statement"
2020-04-29 Thread1 AutoPilot.EmailReport: A Jet Reports error has occurred:
The message could not be sent.
at Jet.Framework.SmtpMail.Send()
at Jet.AutoPilot.AutoPilot.EmailReport(String outputPath, String recipients, String emailSubject, String emailBody, String ccRecipients, String bccRecipients)

A recipient must be specified.
at System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage message)
at Jet.Framework.SmtpMail.Send()


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