Sum GL Entries - Filter From Different Table

Hi Everyone,

I've done some research on this forum to no avail. I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible to sum the G/L Entry "Amount" field based on a filter from a different table?

I want to sum all G/L Entry "amounts" for all posted sales invoices based on a specific GL account, posting date, and salesperson code.

The kicker is, I need to filter based on the salesperson code from the Sales Invoice Header table, not the G/L Entry table. 

This formula works great to sum exactly what I need, but it uses the "Salesperson Code" field from the G/L Entry table instead of the Sales Invoice Header table.

=-NL("Sum","G/L Entry","Amount","G/L Account No.","3000","Salesperson Code",C261,"Posting Date","8/12/2020")

Can anyone help me out?



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