Information required for office 365 authentication is missing

Using Jet Reports 2019 R2, 20.8.20297.3 (64 bit)

Using Excel for Office 365 MSO 16.0.12527.21230 (64 bit)

Connecting to Dynamics 365 Business Central (Web Services) Public Cloud 

My company recently re-imaged my laptop which locked a bunch of stuff down.  I re-installed JET in Excel and connected to the data source above.  I go into Authentication and the only choice is Dynamics 365 Authentication.

I click Log In and get an error, "Information required for Office 365 authentication is missing".  See screenshot.

I have ~10 users that were all using Jet before the laptop re-imaging and after the lockdown, they are all having the same problem.  The same report with the same settings works on my home computer which has the same settings but was not recently locked down by my company.

I cannot figure out what setting was changed that is causing this error.  Is it a firewall?  Is it Excel locking down add-in access?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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