NL(Sum) on a field in a different table


The following problem: I need all customer sales and where available the customer family sales.

A customer family is a group of customer numbers of the same company. For example in retail a company has different branches with individual customer numbers. The whole company can be analyszed with the customer family.

The customer family is an information (custom field) in the customer table (table 18). For all clients without a client family, this field is empty. The field customer family is not found in the value entries (table 5802). The only linking information between the 2 tables ist the customer number.

So far I am able to generate a customer list with all customer numbers (without a customer family) and all cutsomer families (only 1 row per customer family). Now I need to get the sales, which I can only generate with an excel formula (IF) where there are 2 different NL(sum) included. This works perfectly, but if for example I want to get a Top 10 list, I am not able to generate this directly with Jet report. For this I would need to be able to generate the sales within 1 NL(sum).

Thank you for helping.

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