massive #value error with NL(sheet)

Hello Community,

I have a problem with a report which I can´t determine where it comes from. I have a jet report that generates sheets (With NL(Sheets)) for each selected company and then generates the appropriate report with NL(rows).

And this function works well for most of the part. But some companies (random selected sometime this one another time another company) has in their sheets only #value errors. This is really strange because when I have this on this company I can´t get this report anymore even with another solo report that works otherwise all the time. Only restart of the computer helps and then another company has probably the problem with the sheet generating reporting. When I check the errors with the "Check Error" function it just evaluates the field and shows the correct value.

I have a feeling that there is some problem in the cache or with questioning the database? Has someone had this problem and knows how to solve this?


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