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Dashboard Import - Troubleshooting

The Dashboard Builder feature has been deprecated.


When opening a dashboard in Dashboard Builder for the first time after importing it, you are directed through the Change Data Source dialog.

If the Change Data Source process has issues importing some parts of a dashboard, it displays a data warning which you can export as a local file. This is useful to refer back to as you work to fix the dashboard.

Some issues it can have are:

  • A filter value does not exist in the new cube data source.
  • A dimension or measure does not exist in the new cube data source.

The visual will stay on the dashboard but may appear blank, or may not reflect the proper information.

How to Read the Data Warning Dialog

The first line lists the title of the visual. The next line lists the dimension (or measure) that is affected. The value in parentheses specifies what about the dimension it cannot reconcile or what field in the visual definition the dimension is located. If 'Filter Values' is specified in the parentheses, then the values the filter was set to will be listed.

  1. Example 1 from our screenshot above:

    This is saying that the Filter Values of 59950,50000, etc. cannot be found in the dimension named Chart of Accounts, in the visual titled Margin by Quarter.  The new Cube data source does not contain these values in its Chart of Accounts dimension.  They are removed from the visual filter and must be re-applied.

  2. Example 2 from our screenshot above:

    This is saying that the dimension named "Dimension – Businessgroup" (located in the Category field of the visual named Pie Chart 1) cannot be found in the new Cube data source.  It is removed from the visual definition.

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