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Sample Dashboards

Several pre-built dashboards were created to demonstrate functionality in the Jet Dashboard Builder. These dashboards were created using demo database cubes built from Jet’s standard projects in the Jet Data Manager.

Download the dashboard export file

The file contains one file for each platform’s (GP and NAV) set of dashboards. You will need to extract the contents of the zipped file in order to import.

Please review the Importing a Dashboard section of the Dashboard Export/Import article for further instruction.

Dashboards will only import to systems with the same language version in which the dashboard was created. These prebuilt dashboards were built using the English version of the Dashboard Builder.

All reports and dashboards are built as examples only. Dashboards are working dashboards that will return data from your database if you have configured Jet Reports properly. However, dashboards may work differently on your database. Dashboards will display different results depending on your database. Some visuals or elements may not display information due to customization from Jet’s standard project. Jet highly recommends validating dashboard results against system-generated reports.

Use the Change Data Source function from the Dashboard menu to migrate these dashboards to use your cube data. Review filters (particularly dates) on all visuals to ensure they are displaying desired information.

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