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Drilldown Grid

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The Drilldown Grid displays drilldown data and allows you to group, filter, and sort that data.


Drilldown View

  • The Drilldown Grid can be opened with the the Drilldown button in the Jet toolbar.


    It can also be opened by using the Drilldown button that will appear next to the cells in you Excel Workbook.

  • Using the Drilldown Grid, drilldown results can be personalized.  By right-clicking a column header, a user can choose which fields are displayed in the drilldown form.

  • Additionally, columns can be reordered by dragging a column header to the desired position.

  • When the drilldown form is closed the fields that are currently visible and the field order are stored as the drilldown view for the table.  The next time the user drills down on the table, only the fields that were previously visible will be displayed in the same order.


Analyzing Data in the Grid Drilldown

When the drilldown form opens, not all of the records will be loaded.  While records are being loaded, a progress indicator will appear in the lower left corner of the form.  When records are finished loading, the total number of records retrieved will be displayed.  Grouping, filtering, and sorting can all be done while records are still loading.


Dynamics NAV (2013 to 2018) and Grid Drilldown

FlowField values are not initially loaded in the Drilldown Grid.  To load the values for a FlowField, click the refresh button in its column header.  FlowField values cannot be loaded until all of the drilldown records have been retrieved.


Dynamics GP and Grid Drilldown

Please see this article for in-depth discussion of using drilldown with Dynamics GP

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