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Configuring SMTP Settings for the Jet (Excel) Scheduler

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The Jet Scheduler (part of the Jet Excel add-in) can send scheduled reports via Simplified Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).  Before using this feature, you must first configure your SMTP settings.

You may need to contact your network administrator for the settings which are used by your organization

Configuring for your SMTP settings in the App Settings.

  1. From the Jet ribbon, open the App Settings.

  2. On the SMTP page...
    • Specify the SMTP server address.
    • Specify the email address from which the reports will be sent in the From box (if using a different email address than the user running the tasks it must be an alias).
    • If you need to provide a port, SSL encryption, or authentication information, check the Use advanced options box.
    • Leave the Port setting blank to use the default SMTP port. The default port is 25.
    • Specify your user name and password.
    • If your email server uses Secure Sockets Layer communications protocol (SSL, also known as Transport Layer Security), check the Use SSL encryption box.
    • Test your settings using the 'Send' or 'Test' button (versions 2015 Update 1 and higher).
    • Configure your Jet Scheduler tasks to 'SMTP (recommended)' in the Email tab.
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