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What is Jet Basics?

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Jet Basics is a Microsoft Excel add-in (for use with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP) which gives users a simple way to create basic financial reports inside Excel. 

Instead of printing a report and re-entering data into worksheets, you can enter formulas that read directly from your database and refresh the General Ledger data right in Excel.

Jet Basics gives you access to the GL function, which facilitates creating reports using data from the general ledger. This function can return budget, balance, net change, debits, and credits data from the general ledger accounts for a given company, based on filters.

Prerequisite Knowledge

To use Jet Basics, you should have experience with Microsoft Excel, including cell referencing and worksheet functions.  You should also have a basic understanding of your database structure.

Note: Jet Basics is for use with Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP.  

Trial with Extended Capabilities

 Starting with release 20.6 (May 2020), Jet Basics offers you the opportunity to try for 60 days additional reporting tools that are available only to users of Jet Reports. These tools include the Browser, the Report Wizard, the Table Builder and the NL function. The trial can be activated any time after installing Jet Basics. 

Activating the trial

  1. In the Excel add-in, go to the Jet ribbon, then click Trial Eligible.
    A menu screen is displayed
  2. Fill out the registration form, then click Submit.


    You are returned to the Jet Ribbon, and the Trial button will change color and indicate that the 60-day trial is active. Additional report creation tools are now available in the Jet ribbon. This includes the Browser, the Report Wizard, and the Table Builder. Also, the NL function will become available in the function menu.


     After 60 calendar days, the trial expires.


    At this time, the reporting tools that became available at the start time of the trial will be disabled again. You can continue to use the GL function to create reports.

    Once the trial expires, it cannot be restarted.

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