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Jet Basics Application Settings

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The Application Settings are user preferences and other application-wide settings that affect the behavior of the Jet Basics add-in.


  • User Interface Language

    The Jet user interface language.

  • Lookup Sample Value Limit

    The maximum number of sample values that will be retrieved when performing a lookup.

  • Lookup Record Scan Limit

    The maximum number of records that will be scanned in order to retrieve sample values when performing a lookup.

    Applies to Dynamics NAV data sources only

  • Auto Debug Report Errors

    Determines whether Jet automatically scans the report for #VALUE! errors after running reports and display a diagnostic message  


  • Preserve Page Breaks

    Determines whether Jet will replicate page breaks occurring within a replicator region. This should only be enabled if necessary as it can have a significant performance impact.

  • Preserve conditional formatting in Excel 2010 and later

    Determines whether Jet will preserve conditional formatting in Excel 2010 and later. This should only be enabled if necessary as it can have a significant performance impact

  • Show Compatibility Mode Warning

    Determines whether Jet will display a warning message about the issues associated with running Excel in compatibility mode



This page is used to configure Jet logging. Logging will negatively impact report performance and can produce very large files. It should only be enabled when directed by Jet Support, and should be disabled when no longer needed.


Disabling these settings can negatively impact report performance and is not recommended unless directed by Jet Support.

  • Cache Function Results

    Directs Jet to cache function results while running a report. Jet functions may be evaluated 3 times or more during a report run, so caching the values during the report run improves performance. Cached results can grow very large and cause Excel to run out of memory for very large reports on 32-bit systems.

  • Enable Excel Automatic Calculation When Restoring Formulas

    Directs Jet to enable automatic Excel calculation when restoring formulas when entering design mode. This should make entering design mode or running reports from report mode faster.

  • Enable Excel Multi-Threaded Calculation When Running Reports

    Directs Jet to enable Excel multi-threaded calculation when running reports. Excel's multi-threaded calculation dynamically changes based on the content of a report. When more than one report is open, this option ensures that a report will run multi-threaded when it's able to.

Jet Ribbon

Allows the user to choose which buttons appear on the Jet ribbon.

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