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Defining Dependencies for the Scheduler Service


There are times when setting up the Jet Data Manager Scheduler service correctly will still not allow the service to start automatically upon server restart. In these cases, a dependency needs to be set on the Jet service for SQL Server. 


In an elevated (administrator) command prompt on the machine that hosts the Jet Data Manager, enter the following command:

SC CONFIG "Jet Data Manager Scheduler XX.X.X.XX" depend= MSSQLSERVER

Replacing the "Jet Data Manager Scheduler XX.X.X.XX" with the currently used version of the scheduler service and MSSQLSERVER with the service name of the SQL instance that hosts the projectRepository database.

Once that command completes successfully, you can verify the dependency by opening the properties of the Jet Data Manager Scheduler service and looking at the Dependencies tab:

The service should now restart automatically when your server is restarted.

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