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Simple Mode


Jet Data Manager is a powerful tool that can transform and validate data any way you like.  Sometimes, however, you just need to get data copied into the staging database 1:1 as quickly as possible and all of those features are not required.  For situations like these we have created Simple Mode which is optimized for speed.

When using it, all advanced features are disabled, allowing the JDM to skip the raw instance of a table and load data directly from the source into the valid instance and boosting performance of the JDM server.

Transfer speeds from source systems over slow connections won’t benefit much from enabling Simple Mode.  Incremental loading is still supported in Simple Mode and would often be recommended in these situations.


Simple mode can be activated at either the Business Unit or Data Source level.

    1. To enable it for a Business Unit...

      Right click on the unit in the Data tab, select Business Unit Settings, then check the box labeled Enable simple mode:

    2. To enable it on a data source...

      Right click on the source and select Data Source Settings then check Enable in the Simple Mode area on the General tab:

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