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Videos for Dynamics GP

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The Jet Reports products provide you with a wide range of capabilities for Dynamics GP.  Here, you will find videos to help you in your tasks - be they Installing, Configuring, Modifying existing reports, Getting Started with creating your own reports, or simply refining your own skills.

Table of Contents

Intro, Install, and Config Creating Reports

Installation & Configuration

Accessing your GP Data

GL Function

Other Report Writing Methods

Installation and Configuration
Installation Methods User Installation &

Uploading Reports

to the Jet Web Portal
Using Dashboards

in the Jet Web Portal
Activating your Jet License  

A guide to installing...

Installing the add-in...

How to upload reports...

How to use dash...

How to activate...
Accessing your GP Data
Connecting to Your GP Data Installing Friendly Names  

Configuring a Dynamics...

Installing the friendly...

Creating Reports

The GL (General Ledger) Function
GL Function Introduction GL Function Next Steps Multi-Company Totaling   

An intro to using the GL...

The 'Next Steps' in...

How to access multi... 
Other Report Writing Methods
Table Builder

(more details and videos)
Jet Browser

(more details and videos)
Creating Reports from Scratch

(more details and videos)
The Jet Function

Wizard (Jfx)
Modifying Pre-Built


An introduction to...

Getting started with...

Start your reports by...

Overview of the Jet...

How to modify...

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