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Editing a Table with Table Builder

This feature is available when using Table Builder with Jet Reports (this feature is not available in Jet Basics).

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When using the Jet Table Builder, you have the option to save a template of the table you are creating. This template can then be re-opened later, should you wish to edit the structure of your table.

Editing Tables with the Jet Table Builder

  1. When a table is created with the Table Builder, you are presented with the option to save a template of the design of that table:

    You can choose whether or not you want to save the template for later use

    And you can choose where you wish to save your templates
  2. Once that is done, you can go back into the Table Builder, select Open from the File menu…

  3. … navigate to where the template was saved, and open it…

  4. The Table Builder will then display the same information as was saved earlier and it is now available for editing:


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