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Jet Basics - Installation Troubleshooting

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Typically, the installation of Jet Basics takes just a few seconds to complete.

Obviously, the speed of the computer can have an impact on that time, but the install is quite simple and the variation from computer to computer should be minimal.

There are other factors that can affect the installation.  Here are a few tips to help you when an issue occurs:


System Administrator

First, you'll want to contact your system administrator.  Your IT staff knows more about your organization's infrastructure than does anyone else.  They may immediately know what the issue might be.


NAV or GP Solutions Provider

Your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP solutions provider may be able to assist you with troubleshooting issues with your system and should be your first contact outside your organization for getting help.


AntiVirus software and Firewall settings

It is possible for antivirus software and/or firewalls to prevent the installation of any software.  If you have difficulties in installation Jet Basics and suspect that you AV software or firewall might be the reason, you (or your system administrator) and try temporarily disabling the AV/Firewall and then re-trying the Jet Basics installation.  Be sure to turn your AV/Firewall back on, afterward.


Asking the Jet Basics Community

There are many Jet Basics users from around the world.  Some of them may have experienced an issue just like yours and already know the answer.  Posting a question to the Jet Basics Community Site may get you up and running.  Providing as many details as possible (see Other Troubleshooting Techniques below) will help others help you.


Other Troubleshooting Techniques

The Windows operating system includes several logs in which system or application issues are tracked. These are know as Event Logs and be be viewed using the Windows Event Viewer.

To access the Event Viewer, right-click the Windows Start Button, and select Control Panel



If Control Panel is set for Icon View, select Administrative Tools:


If Control Panel is set for Category View, select System and Security...



and then Administrative Tools



from within Administrative Tools, select the Event Viewer


within Event Viewer, explore the various Windows Logs (Application , Security, Setup, and System) and the Jet Reports log for possible error message:


Information in here can be very value to your system administrator, your solutions provider, or for sharing on the Jet Basics Community Site to get feedback from other Jet Basics users.

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