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Changing the name of a data source table


In certain situations, it may be necessary to use a different table from your source database but to still maintain all customization's applied within the staging database.  This assumes that you've already begun building a project that uses one table for it's data, but that you need the source of this table to be from a different table now.


  1. Identify the table that you need to change the source table of.  In this example, we'll be using the Table_1 included in the image below, which has three rows of data.


  2. Right-click on the table in the Source and select Advanced -> Rename Original Table


  3. Type in the name of the table that you wish the data to originate from.  In this example, we will be changing from Table_1 to Table_2.  This table must exist within the same database as the original table, and the spelling must be exactly correct.


  4. Deploy and Execute the table within your Staging database



  5. Validate the data has changed within the updated Staging table.

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