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Configuring Language Captions for a Jet Data Warehouse


This article will outline the steps to create language captions to be used in the Jet Excel Add-in when using the Jet Data Warehouse data source.  You can use the Database Caption Editor to add language captions to other data sources too.  


  1. Disconnect from the Service Tier.

    If you do not use the Service Tier you can skip to step number 2. 

    Navigate to the Jet App > Settings Location. Then chose Local user profile.  And close out of the window.




    Next you will need to create a local data source for the data warehouse.  From the Settings button, click on Data Source Settings.  From the displayed dialog, click on Add.





    If you get the below window, choose I want to configure my data source(s) and click Next.



    After clicking Add the below message box will appear. Type in the Name, choose a Database Type, and Connection Method. Then Click OK




    Once you click OK, go to the Connection tab for you new data source and fill out the Server and Database fields.



    Once you have filled those out, make sure to click on Test Connection to verify everything was typed in correctly.

  2. Using the Database Caption Editor

    Open the Database Caption Editor. This application is installed with Jet Reports. You may need to open the Start menu and search for the application by typing in "Database Caption Editor". 


    Once the application has been opened, set your Data Source to the desired option. In this example it is DWH for the Jet Data Warehouse. Next choose the language you'd like to use for your captions. In this example we are choosing German.


    After you have added all your captions, click Save in the lower right-hand corner.

  3. Reconnecting to the Service Tier.

    If you do not have the Service Tier proceed to Step 4.

    To reconnect to the Service Tier, open Excel, click on the Jet ribbon, and click on Application Settings. 


    The on the left-hand side click on the Settings Location tab. Choose Jet Service Tier. And test the connection to ensure connectivity. 



    Next we need to enable the captions we just created in Data Source Settings. To open the Data Source Settings window, go to the Jet ribbon and click the Data Source Settings option. 



    In the upper left-hand corner of the Data Source Settings window, choose the correct data source. In this Example we are using the Demo DWH, which is the same data source we setup previously in the article. Click on the Display tab. Check the Enable language captions for this data source box. Choose a Language and Display format. Then click OK.


    Next open the Jet Admin Console. Click on Data Sources and choose the correct data source. Click on Display. Check the Enable language captions for this data source and type in the Language you used before. Display format should be Captions.


    Next click on Edit Scopes at the top of the Jet Admin Console. 



    Make sure that the highlighted rows are set to User. This will then give the user an option to use English or German. If you do not want the users to have a choice change the selection from User to Shared. This will force all users to only see the language captions you just setup. After you are finished, make sure to click Save


  4. Enabling the language captions 

    Users can switch between English and and the language captions you created in the Data Source Settings. 


    Check the Enable language captions for this data source box and then select the Language option you want from the drop down menu. 

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