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Jet Service Tier - Two Server Configuration


In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps necessary to add a remote computer's Network Service account (system account) to your SQL Server. This is useful when installing the Jet Service Tier service on one server but the Jet Service Tier database will be created on a separate server (SQL).


Setup & Pre-Requirements

Information Needed

  • Machine Name of the SQL Server
  • SQL Server instance name if using named instances
  • Active Directory Domain name
  • Machine name of the Jet Service Tier service server


  1. Connect to your SQL Server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database engine.

  3. Expand the root SQL Server 'Security' section.

  4. Right click on 'Logins' > 'New Login...'.

  5. In the 'Login name:' field manually type DOMAIN\MachineName$ where DOMAIN is your Active Directory domain name and MachineName$ is the machine name of the server where the Jet Service Tier service is going to be installed upon.

    >> For example if my Active Directory domain name is JETREPORTS and I will be installing the Jet Service Tier service on a server named MyAppServer then the 'Login name:' would be JETREPORTS\MyAppServer$

  6. If you already have a Jet Service Tier database on this SQL Server and you are installing the Jet Service Tier service onto a new server then you need to add db_datareader and db_datawriter 'User Mapping' to this new login.
    To do this, click on the 'User Mapping' tab and place a check mark next to the existing Jet Service Tier database. In the 'Database role membership for:' section place a check mark next to db_datareader and db_datawriter.

  7. Press 'OK' to save the new login.

  8. Install the Jet Service Tier service on the server using 'Network Service' for the 'Run as' account.

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