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Project Documentation In The Jet Data Manager


The Jet Data Manager includes various built-in documentation tools to help you in understanding and maintaining your Jet Analytics environment.

Project Documentation

  1. You can obtain a PDF of the objects used within your project: Tools | Generate Project Documentation

  2. Or for a specific data warehouse or business unit: right-click | Documentation.

The documentation includes a title page with a custom title, subtitle and logo (the logo will also be used on the individual pages of the documentation).  All are stored in a template along with other documentation options. You can have as many or as few templates as you need (the color theme is not part of the template options but is constant across all templates).


  1. The Visualization tools (right-click | Visualization) ...

    provide three additional documentation options:

    • Impact Analysis - lists those objects which are are dependent upon the selected object
    • Data Lineage - lists those objects which feed into the selected object
    • Relation Diagram - creates a relation diagram of the selected table, displaying what other tables have defined relations it and what those relations are built on. 

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