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Unable to Authenticate your User Account after Jet Service Tier Upgrade


When trying to connect to the Jet Service Tier via the Jet Administration Console or the Jet Excel Add-In following an upgrade of the Jet Service Tier, the following error is received:


Complete text of error message is:
Unable to authenticate your user account. Try signing out and signing back in again.

Resolution Process

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the instance where the Jet Service Tier database resides.


  2. Add a domain user to the root SQL security. The domain user should be a local administrator on the machine where the Jet Service Tier service is running.



  3. Give that user db_datareader and db_datawriter mapping to the Jet Service Tier database.



  4. Grant this user 'Log on as a Service' rights on the Jet Service Tier host server.

    To set 'Log on as a Service' permissions have your system administrator go to the Local Security Policy editor in Administrative Tools. Then follow the links to Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment. In the list of policies right-click on 'Log on as a Service' and select Properties. Click Add User or Group… and add the user that needs to run the Jet Service Tier.



  5. On the Jet Service Tier server open services.msc.
    Open the Jet Service Tier service > Log On tab > change the account to that domain account that was added to SQL and input the password twice.



  6. Stop and start the Jet Service Tier service.
    Test the ability to connect from the Jet Administration Console and the Jet Excel Add-In.
    If connection is successful you should be able to change back to the initial 'Log on As' account and connect without issue or leave the new account running the service.

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