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Adding an Azure SQL Data Source to Jet Analytics


Data sources contain the data that you want to retrieve and use for analysis.  Let's walk through the steps needed to establish a connection to an Azure database and extract data.


  1. In your business unit right click on Data Sources and add a SQL Server data source

  2. Configure the SQL Server data source

    • Server name : Use the Fully Qualified Domain Name supplied by Microsoft
    • Authentication: The login to Azure only supports SQL Server authentication. Please supply credentials with access rights to the database.
    • Database : The database you want to connect to.  This will need to be typed in rather than selected from the dropdown
    • Use SSIS : Currently the only supported connection method to Azure is ADO.NET.  Please set the option Use Integration Services for transfer to No.
  3. If the 'Test Connection' is failing and the settings are correct it is most likely caused by the firewall setting on the Azure server. Please login to your Azure server and ensure the Jet Data Manager server has been granted access to the Azure server. Typically you need to add the external company IP address to the firewall rules

  4. Once the connection has been set up successfully you can read the objects from the data source
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