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Hiding the AllMember in an OLAP Dimension


By default, an All Member is created when creating a dimension.  The All Member holds the aggregated value of all members in the hierarchy in the dimension. From a design (as well as performance) point of view, this is desirable and works with almost any dimension.  However, in some rare cases, the All Member does not make sense, i.e. Budget Version, Forecast Version etc.

This document describes how to hide the All Member for at dimension in Jet Data Manager.


  1. Add a custom script

  2. Add the following XPATH XMLA script in the custom step dialog

    XMLA Script

    <AddNameSpace Alias="my" AddNameSpace=""/>
    <InsertEnd Node="//my:Attribute[my:ID='']" SearchType="Path" Operator="All">

  3. Drag the attribute for which the all member should be hidden and drop it between the two single quotation marks.

    By doing so one ensures not to break the code should the attribute later be renamed.

    Give the script a name to the script and hit OK

  4. Add the script to the dimension as an inline script

    Select the script from the drop down

  5. Deploy and Execute
    After deployment and execution, the all member is no longer visible in the dimension for the selected attribute.

When hiding the all member it is best practice to set the default member to a specific member. If no default member is specified analysis services will elect the first member in a hierarchy to be the default member and hence you cannot be certain which member is selected as default member. For information on how to set the default member please see Setting the Default Member on a Dimension .

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