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Database Schemas


It is possible to define database schemas in Jet Data Manager. This is useful when users are accessing the data warehouse and you want to limit the number of tables the users see since only the Valid tables are relevant for reporting users.

Setting up a Schema at the Datasource level

(this feature is available in JDM version 2017 and higher)

  1. Right-click the datasource for which you want to define a schema, and click Data source Settings


  2. This will display the available schema window:


    From here, you can select the schema you wish to work with. 

Setting up a Schema for Valid tables

(this feature is available on all versions of the JDM)

To define a schema at the table level, expand to the database you want to work with, right-click on Database Schemas, and select Add Database Schema


  1. Add a database schema

  2. Give the schema a name

  3. Apply the schema to valid tables

  4. Deploy and execute the project


Once the schema has been created you should make sure the database administrator or the person responsible for maintaining users on the SQL Server is told to give any report users access to the above schema alone.

Granting a user access to a schema:

GRANT SELECT ON SCHEMA :: [SchemaName] TO [UserName]
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