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SSIS Logging


In the Jet Data Manager, it is possible to enable SSIS logging in order to see detailed information that is recorded during the deployment and execution of SSIS packages. This data is then stored in the project repository for easy access.


In order for SSIS logging data to be captured SSIS Logging must first be enabled in the project.

  1. To do this, right click the project name at the top of the Data tab and select Edit Project:

  2. On the next screen check the box for "Enable SSIS Logging":


    Warning: SSIS Logging can generate a tremendous amount of data that is stored in the project repository database. Always be sure to disable SSIS logging after you are finished using it.


    SQL 2005: "sysdtslog90" table

    SQL 2008 and newer: "sysssislog" (System Table)

    This table will contain data about the SSIS packages being deployed and/or executed, the operator that started the action, the computer, the event, the start and end times and a detailed message. These details can all be queried directly from the project repository table.


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