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How to Create Custom Hash Keys in Jet Analytics

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Using the Jet Data Manager it is possible to create a custom hash key field in a table based on a combination of field values that can be controlled by the user.


  1. In order to add a custom hash key field to a table right-click on the table and select "Add Custom Hash Field".

  2. The user will then check the boxes in the Custom Hash Key window on the right for all fields to be included in the generation of the custom hash key. In this example the hash key will be generated using the Company, No, and Name fields from the Customer table.


    Note: The order of these fields is important as this will determine the hash key that is generated. A hash key generated with the order "Company, No, Name" will be different than the order "Company, Name, No" for the same record.

  3. The field can then be renamed by the user and the table can be deployed and executed. The result will be a custom hash key that uniquely identifies the combination of values stored in the fields selected.


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