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Parameterizing Custom Transformations


Parameters are now available for use in Custom Fields within a project.  Parameters closely coincide with other objects within the project.  For example, if there is a field named Sales Amount that is used in a custom field that is not a parameter, the custom field will cause an error if the Sales Amount field is renamed to something else.  The reason for this is that the values are simply stored as text.  Parameters are inherently linked to the object it refers to so if the object is renamed it will be dynamically changed in the custom field as well.

How to Use Parameters in Custom Fields

  1. Insert a custom field by right-clicking on the desired table and selecting Add Custom Field

  2. Define the name and the field information for the custom field and click OK

  3. Right-click on the custom field that was just added and select Field Transformations

  4. For the Field Transformation, set the Operator to Custom and click Add 

  5. The fields in the pane on the right can be dragged and dropped into the main work area in the center of the window. As the fields are dropped, the parameters are automatically created at the bottom. Click OK

If the underlying objects are renamed, they will dynamically be updated in the custom field without any user interaction required.

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