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Cube Aggregations


Using aggregations can significantly improve query response time in certain circumstances by optimizing data in the cubes based on how users frequently access the data.  This article will explain how to import aggregations into the Jet Data Manager.


The purpose of this feature is not to be able to design aggregation in the JDM.  What the feature supports is to read and store aggregation designed in an aggregation design tool. T he JDM reads the definition of the aggregation and stores it in the project.  During deployment of the cube, the aggregation will be applied to the cube.


  1. 1 Under the node of each cube, you will find the Aggregations node

  2. 2 Right click and select Read Cube Aggregations


  3. 3 The Jet Data Manager will read the aggregation on the cube and report the number of aggregations that were read:

    The aggregations will be listed under the Aggregations node:

  4. 4 The aggregations are stored in an XML structure and can be edited in a simple text editor in the JDM.

    Right click the aggregation you want edit and select Edit Cube Aggregation

    For more information about aggregations and aggregation design there are a number of Microsoft article, including the one here: Aggregations and Aggregation Design

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