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Connect to Salesforce using the Jet Data Manager


Many organizations use to store CRM and sales information but have trouble integrating this data among their other systems.

Adding your data to your data warehouse and cubes can make integration very simple.


  1. To add a connection to Salesforce in the Jet Data Manager, right-click the Data Sources node in the Jet Data Manager and navigate to Adapter Data Source -> Add Salesforce Adapter.


    This will open the Salesforce adapter window.  Type in your Salesforce User Name and Password along with the Security Token and API version.


    Note: You must be using a version of Salesforce that supports the use of the Salesforce API.  At the time of this writing this is the Enterprise edition.

    The default path to connect will be used, however if your organization has a custom path to connect to Salesforce this can be inserted into the Custom Path field and the Resolved Path field will reflect this accordingly.

  2. Once all of the required information has been entered, you can click the Test Connection button to ensure that a successful connection can be made.

    Once a successful connection has been established, click the OK button.

  3. Lastly, right-click on the newly added Salesforce connection and click Read Objects from Data Source to read in the table and field structure.

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