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Locating SQL Server Version

The process of determining your version of SQL Server requires the following two components

  1. SQL Server Management Studio
  2. The ability to connect to the database engine of the SQL instance you wish to check the version of


  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, and connect to the database engine of the instance for which you need to check the version

  2. Perform the following three steps;

    1. Click the New Query button (or, hit CTRL+N on your keyboard).
    2. Type  SELECT @@VERSION
    3. Click the Execute button in the ribbon, or press F5 on your keyboard

  3. The results pane will appear, showing you:

    • Your version of SQL (Microsoft SQL Server 2019)
    • Any service packs presently installed (for example SP1)
    • Major/Minor build version (15.0.2080.9)
    • Bitness (X64)


For more details regarding specific build numbers, please see the full SQL Server Versions List.

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