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Object Dependency Setup


When using managed thread execution the JDM will automatically prioritize when an object is ready to be executed. The execution order is calculated based on dependencies.  The JDM uses a dependency algorithm that considers the following structures in the project:

  • Relations between tables (type Warning and Error)
  • Conditional Lookup Fields
  • Data Movements to the data warehouse
  • Table Inserts
  • Add Related Records

Since dependencies could be hidden in custom views or script commands you can define your own dependencies on any table, cube or dimension.  Defining manual dependencies allows you to optimize the execution package in situations were you have objects referenced within custom views or scripts that need to be processed before other objects.  This forces the algorithm to consider these additional structures in the project.

  • Dependencies in all script actions, and in views without parameters, ARE NOT handled automatically
  • Dependencies in views with parameters ARE handled automatically


  1. Right click the object that you wish to define a dependency for → AdvancedObject Dependencies.


  2. Place a check mark on the objects that the current object depends on and click OK to set the dependency.


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