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Additional Service Setup


The Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler service operates a single Jet Project Repository. If your organization has multiple project repositories an additional instance of the Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler service must be created and associated with the subsequent project repository. An example of when this might be necessary is when your organization has separate "DEV" and "PROD" project repositories.


1. Click on the Tools tab → Windows Services Setup


2. Click Add Service Create Service dialogue appears.


3. Fill in the parameters with the appropriate information.


Environment: A text string added to the name of the service. This name will allow you to identify the service later.

User Name and Password: Determines which repository the service uses as repositories are configured on a per user basis.

Each service will need its own account that it will run under. The account that will run the service must be granted permissions to all databases being used in the project. See Setting Permissions for a detailed list of required permissions.

Service Type: The service type can be "Environment Server" or "Scheduler" In this example we will choose Scheduler.

Description: is optional and meant for notes about the created service.

4. Click the Create button. A pop-up will inform you if the service was successfully created.

5. You can now start the service and change the start mode by selecting the newly added service from the list.

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