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Allow Data Source Failure During Execution


There are oftentimes some source systems in a business intelligence solution that are less than critical for your reporting. It is possible to configure the Jet Data Manager so that the entire execution does not stop because the software cannot reach any of these non-critical systems. Instead, the organization can choose to keep the newest data from the failing data source until fresh data can be retrieved. This ensures that the rest of the solution will continue to be updated if an Excel file used as a data source is moved, for example.


Follow the steps below to allow a data source to fail.

  1. On the Data tab, right-click on the data source to be allowed to fail and select "Data Source Settings"


  2. In the When transfer fails list, click on the option to use if the transfer should fail. The available options are:

    Fail stop execution : Stops execution and reports the execution as failed.

    Continue without data : Continues the execution, pretending that the source contains no data.

    Continue with existing data : Continues execution, retaining the existing data from the source.



    If using Replicate Data Sources you need to configure this setting on the additional data source as well as the template data source.

    If a data source that has been allowed to fail does fail during execution, the following execution message will be recorded: “Execution was successful, but one or more data sources failed”.

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