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Custom Password Protection for SSIS Packages


Starting with Jet Data Manager version 16.2.X it is possible to supply a custom password to protect SSIS packages.


SSIS packages that contain SQL Server logins are encrypted using a password. The Jet Data Manager (JDM) uses a default password to protect packages generated by the JDM. In JDM 16.2, we have added the ability to set a custom password, which is useful in connection with the Customize Code feature.

When you use Customize Code to add a custom SSIS package to a table, you can type the password you wish to use or simply use the default password. When you have edited the SSIS package and the JDM loads it back into the project, you also have the option to type in a password in case you have changed it outside of the JDM.

Please note that this only applies when you are working with sources that use SQL Server authentication. Sources that use Windows authentication do not require encrypted SSIS packages.

If you wish to change the default password, you can do this in Edit Project. Right click on your project in the project tree, and click on Edit project. You can find the setting under the “Deployment” header.

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